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Which stove?

Thinking of having a Multi-Fuel Stove or Wood Burner installed?

Which stove, I hear you shout?

When you think of relaxing at home, whether it be with your family, friends or alone, do you think of lounging on that sumptuous sofa that you bought to match those beautiful curtains and compliment the carpet and rug that keep your toes warm? Have you also considered enjoying all of this luxury and contentment surrounding a beautiful new stove?

Using a stove to heat your home has many benefits. One of these benefits is a saving on heating bills. A multi-fuel stove or wood burner can heat your home more efficiently than standard measures, they use a sustainable energy source and they’re self-sufficient, and of course, a new multi-fuel stove or woodburner can offer a beautiful focal point to any room.

Choosing to have a wood burner installed in your home is probably not a choice that many people think they have. However, when you consider that a wood burner uses a renewable energy source, that can stand up against other energy providers with no standing charges, it really becomes a no-brainer!

If you have just purchased a stove yourself, have gained one with your new home purchase or maybe you’re just thinking of installing one, there are a few things to consider to ensure that you make the most of your new stove:

  • Is it going to be a primary or secondary source of heat?
  • Will you be burning mainly wood or coal?
  • What size and type of room do you have?
  • A stove is for life, not just for Christmas!
  • Do you live in a smoke control zone? (you can contact your local council to find out)
There are two types of stove:
  • A wood burning stove which, as its name suggest, should be used only for burning wood
  • A multi-fuel stove which enables you to burn both wood and coal.

There are, of course, clear winning benefits to burning wood instead of coal. Coal can be generally more expensive than its wood alternative. It also produces much more CO2 emissions, so it is much less environmentally friendly.

Which? magazine asked the owners of both types of stoves whether they felt their stove had saved them money with their energy bills. The majority with wood burners and multi-fuel stoves believed it had.

If you are considering getting a multi-fuel stove installed, also consider what fuel you want to use. A survey that was conducted by the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA), stated “77% of multi-fuel stove owners said they used their stove exclusively to burn wood. As not all multi-fuel stoves burn wood as efficiently as dedicated wood burning stoves, those people would be better off with a wood burning stove.”

Having a stove or woodburner in your home requires you to have your chimney swept at least  once a year – and yes, there are still fantastic Chimney Sweeps out there! We highly recommend Liam Kinsella due to his vast experience and expertise in this area, plus he’s very affordable, which brings these multi-fuel stoves and wood burners into the ‘easy low-cost maintenance’ band.

Having a multi-fuel stove or woodburner as the focal point in your home gives you an extra touch of architectural elegance, that radiates a warm and inviting welcome to you and your guests. They also add value to your home, with a much smaller carbon footprint compared to more standard heat sources and, in the face of forever escalating fuel bills, these cut down on cost tremendously! Plus, if you live in a smokeless zone, these are perfect for you!

There aren’t really any negatives to switching to a multi-fuel stove or wood burner in your home, especially when you hear of others whose boilers have broken down and they have no heating – you’ll never have to worry about that! If you decide to install a stove and already have standard heating, it’s a great backup!

At Bella Bespoke Stoves & Fireplaces, we offer a free survey and consultation to help you find out if having a multi-fuel stove or wood burner installed in your home is possible and, if it is, we will provide you with a quotation. You can book your free, no obligation survey below via our form, or simply contact us on 07739 050127 for a chat about ideas and options.